Veterinary Care At Home

Mobile Vet Toronto provides mobile Veterinary Services at your own home. We provide a convenient alternative to your traditional veterinary clinic visits. Our mobile van aims to eliminate your hassles of loading a dog in the car. We will bring comprehensive pet healthcare services at your doorstep.

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Pet Examination Services

Veterinary Care At Home

We undertake all major pet examinations at the comfort of your home. Our mobile van is fully capable of collecting samples and undertaking minor and major examinations on the spot. By examining your pet at your home, a thorough history and examination can be performed, without unnecessary stress to your pet.

Majority of pet diseases go unnoticed due to lack of examination and testing services. Our state-of-the-art mobile veterinary lab and examination helps us perform important tests. Our qualified veterinarians can quickly identify and proceed with medication. Deadly diseases can be prevented well in time if proper medication is provided beforehand.

Advantage of Mobile Vet Services

Pet owners are the sole authority of pet’s health. It is their responsibility to ensure that every health issue of their pet is taken care of. Today’s past paced life leaves no time for such matters. This is where we come in. our mobile veterinarian services has many benefits.

  • No more Reluctant Pets : Handling pets at vet hospital or animal clinic can be a nightmare. Sick pets are terrified of entering a strange place with strange faces. Incidents of reluctant pets harming staff are rare but not impossible. Why not choose to treat them at the comfort of their home? Our mobile veterinary services in Toronto checks, treats and gives medication right at your home.
  • Suitable Environment for Examination and Testing: Home is the best place to test and examine your pet. They behave with patience and can be restrained by the owner. Veterinarians are received like a guest instead of a doctor making our job easier.
  • Comprehensive Services: Our mobile van allows us to provide complete vet services at your doorstep. From major/minor surgeries to spaying and neutering, we can do it all. Our veterinarians carry important equipment onboard to perform procedures and dispense pet medication.
  • Zero Transportation: Transporting pets to the hospital can be cumbersome. Moreover, sick animals can spread germs, virus and disease in the vehicle. It is advised that you refrain from disturbing your sick pet and call mobile vet services.
  • Bid Final Goodbye at Home: Our humane pet euthanasia services allow you to say final goodbye at home. Let your pet breathe last at his home – where it spent its entire life with you. We can prepare all the paperwork and administer the dose with a human touch leaving no room for pain and suffering.

Our Mobile pet medical services focus on providing compassionate care for dogs and cats alike. We strive to be your pet’s healthcare provider. Our experts not only treat animals but also guide homeowners on pet care and health monitoring.

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