Top Reasons To Call Your House Call Vet Toronto

July 3, 2015

Top Reasons To Call Your House Call Vet Toronto

 Call Your House Call Vet Toronto

House call vet Toronto offers services similar to an in-clinic vet, except you and your pet can be in the comfort of your own home! When you call a house call vet Toronto, you get to avoid the stress involved in loading your pet in the car, driving to the animal hospital, and sitting in a waiting room surrounded by other sick animals.

Pets need the services of a mobile vet because they feel comfortable being cared for in an environment that’s familiar to them. On the other hand, pet owners need them because they get additional time with the veterinarian to ask questions.

If you’re wondering when should you call the services of a mobile vet, consider these top reasons:

Vaccinations For Your Pets
If your pet needs vaccinations, avoid taking them to an animal hospital where they could be exposed to potential airborne illnesses and call a house call vet Toronto instead. Mobile veterinarians can administer vaccines at the comfort of your own home so you can avoid your furry companion coming in contact with sick pets.

Regular Examinations
Since pets cannot speak, they are unable to tell us when something is wrong with them. Pets should undergo regular examinations by a veterinarian to ensure their overall health and well-being stays optimal.

Regular exams thoroughly diagnose your pet’s eyes, nose, mouth, ears, heart, lungs, limbs, joints, skin, and fur. If your vet identifies abnormalities, unusual discharge of the eyes or ears or heart murmurs, he or she will recommend treatments to restore the health of your pet.

Wound Treatment or Minor Surgery
If your furry companion is injured or needs a minor surgery, a mobile vet can offer wound cleaning, treatment and minor surgeries at the comfort of your own home. This includes removal of skin masses including cysts and lumps with sedation.

Strange environments and bright lights in animal hospitals can increase anxiety levels in pets. By calling a house call vet Toronto to come to you, you can avoid carrying your pet while they are in pain and causing undesirable pet anxiety.

Maintenance Care
Pets can also receive maintenance care from house call veterinarians. When you schedule a regular examination, ask the vet to assist with oral deworming, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and more. Maintenance care helps to keep your pet healthy and clean and you get to avoid an additional trip for regular care and maintenance services.

House call vet Toronto offers you the convenience of a high quality service from the comfort of your own home. Next time your furry companion is due for a regular examination or needs vaccination or maintenance care, call Roundstone Mobile Vet Toronto Services to schedule an appointment. We serve the entire GTA.

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