How To Protect Your Pet Against Parasites?

May 26, 2017

How To Protect Your Pet Against Parasites?

How To Protect Your Pet Against Parasites?

Parasites are pesky pests that generally infect dogs instead of humans. These insects live on the pet’s body and hide themselves under their fur. They feed on the blood of your companions and responsible for causing excess of itchiness and discomfort. In severe cases, your dog may become less active or loose sudden weight. The form of parasites that affect dogs and cats include ticks, fleas, roundworms, tapeworms and heartworms. As a responsible pet owner, you should be aware of the symptoms, treatment, and prevention your dog needs to deal with parasitical infections.

Here are some parasites and ways to deal with them:

1. Fleas

Though fleas are very tiny, they pose danger on the health of your pet. These insects feed on the blood of their host and multiply at a faster pace. Since they are tiny, it often becomes difficult to find them under the dense fur coat of dogs and cats. The life cycle of fleas include four stages and there is need to eliminate their larvae and eggs to make your pet feel better. If your dog is continuously scratching its body and chewing its hair, then there might be risk of fleas infestation. To make sure they are there, simply rub a white towel against the fur. If you find some dust like particles that are as small as pepper grains, then its sure that there are fleas over your pets body.

2. Ticks

Ticks are comparatively bigger and ugly parasites compared to ticks. They are extremely dangerous for your pet as they suck a lot of blood at a single time. They remain attached to the skin of the dog rather than the hairs. Not only this, ticks pose a threat for spotted fever, Lyme disease and even kidney disorders. If you notice a tick on your dog’s body, remove it carefully with a pair of tweezers and watch the area to prevent bloody spots or swelling.

3. Heartworm

Heartworm is one of the life threatening parasite that can greatly risk health and even life of your loved pet. These are worms that gains entry inside the dog’s body via mosquitoes. These parasites manage to find their way to reach the left ventricle of your pet’s heart. After this, they keep on multiplying tremendously to clot the heart vessels which ultimately leads to the death of a dog. If your pet has stopped eating and is not active at all, take it for annual wellness examination at a trusted local veterinarian.

These are some of the parasites that effect pets and ways to prevent their infection. If you are looking for a leading mobile veterinary service in Vaughan, feel free to contact us at Roundstone Mobile Vet Service.

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