Is My Cat Sick? Potential Signs of Feline Illness

November 10, 2015

Is My Cat Sick? Potential Signs of Feline Illness

Cats and Consistent Wellness Care

Lack of proper veterinary care is the major reason behind why many cats live with undiagnosed and untreated diseases. There are around 2/3 of all the cat owners who overlook the health condition of their cats. They are reluctant to take their cats for periodic physical exams. That’s why, most of the cats live with the disease or infection for longer than necessary. In fact, many common health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, high pressure and more continue to get worse as they remain untreated.

Understanding the Signs of Feline Illness or Pain

Since your fluffy friends know how to hide the signs of illness, it’s important to pay due heed to regular veterinary visits so that your vets can detect the existing and possible illness signs through lab work and other tests. However, there are some things that indicate that your cat is sick and require immediate veterinary care.

  • Cat hiding more, not interacting much

  • Foul smelling breath

  • Changes in sleeping habits

  • Weight loss or gain

  • Dull, unkempt coat

  • Increased thirst and urination

  • Lack of appetite or suddenly eating more

Most of the pet owners consider these changes as normal or think that their cats are just stressed. But, if you consider these conditions seriously, then you can surely help with an early diagnosis. Thus, it is vital to take these observations seriously. Owners must be vigilant about the subtle signs of feline illness. This way you can ensure the pristine health condition of your loving cat.

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