Affordable Pet Vaccination At Home In Cambridge & GTA

 Pet Vaccination

Pet vaccinations are an integral part of your pet care regimen. A proper vaccination schedule can help your pet live longer and healthier. Just like us humans, vaccines protect pets from diseases and other health issues. MobileVet Cambridge recommends that you get your pet’s vaccination done along with a thorough health check up in All GTA, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and waterloo region. Because you love them.

Why Get Vaccination For Your Pet

Period, Research and development into the veterinary realm has made it possible to eliminate certain pet diseases. Timely vaccination can save your pet from deadly diseases and infections. Prevention is always better than cure. So, vaccination should be part of your pet’s regular checkups. Small pets, including kittens and puppies, are given vaccine initially when they are 6-9 weeks old. A subsequent shot is given after 3-4 weeks time. This is the age when vital vaccination must be administered. The third shot can be given at a later date and depends on the veterinary doctor and breed/age of the pet.

Mobile Vet Cambridge maintains a record of all the vaccinations done and can recommend you a suitable vaccine for your pet. A complete examination is carried out and health conditions are analyzed before proceeding with the vaccination.

Pet Vaccination: What We Do At Mobile Vet Cambridge

There are many specific types of vaccines for cats and dogs. However, some basic vaccines are common to all the pets. These are better known as “core vaccines” and have to be administered to all the pets. Other specific vaccination depends on animal, age, geographic location, vulnerability to diseases etc. Here are some common vaccines that we administer on a daily basis:

  • Canine Vaccine : C5 vaccine is the most basic canine vaccine that helps prevent diseases such as parvo virus, hepatitis and Distemper in dogs.
  • Feline Vaccination : F3 vaccine prevents Panleukopenia disease. This vaccine is also effective against major cat flu that can further spread into humans. Another vaccine called FIV protects your feline pet from AIDS.
  • Boosting : If diseases are endemic locally, or if your pet suffers from Leptospirosis, Bordetella or corona virus, boosting may be preferred.

Mobile Vet Cambridge Advantage: Vaccination At Your Doorstep

We, at Mobile Vet Cambridge, understand that your pet has its own comfort zone within your home. It is the ideal place to get it vaccinated. We will examine and analyze the health of your pet and create a unique vaccination schedule tailored to your pet’s health. Our vets will formulate a comprehensive vaccine record and health chart for your pet by taking into account various facets including gender, risk exposure, lifestyle etc.

When it comes to your pet’s vaccination, we leave no stone unturned. We encourage owners to be a part of their pet’s health regimen by educating them on the vaccination program. Vaccines are life saving elixirs that help you enjoy more precious moments with your pets.

Schedule a vaccination appointment today at your home and experience the Mobile Vet Cambridge Difference.