Pet Owner??? Learn About The Most Common Mistakes You Make

August 8, 2015

Pet Owner??? Learn About The Most Common Mistakes You Make

It may seem strange, but around 70% pets of the world are suffering from obesity, dental problems or other health issues, just because of their pet owners’ health and wellness mistakes. Yes, it is true. Your pets are paying for your mistakes. We know that you give unconditional love to your pets and strive to keep them happy and healthy. But, there are some mistakes that pet owners do without knowing that they can harm their pet’s healthy lifestyle. Our house call vets in Toronto have compiled a few mistakes that every pet owner must avoid:


You love your pets and don’t want to compromise his/her health. To achieve this goal, you keep your pet’s food out all the times so he/she can eat at any time. Remember, humans eat when they are hungry, but pets can eat even they aren’t. This free-feeding always leads to obesity. Pet owners need to provide a limited amount of food at scheduled times to maintain the pristine health condition of your pet. Carefully read the feeding directions on your pet’s food, or consult your veterinarian about how much food should be given at what time.

Not Spaying or Neutering

Spaying or neutering is an ideal way to control the over-population of the pets, while keeping them healthy and active. Apart from preventing unwanted litters, it also reduces the chances of genital cancers in males and breast cancers in females. It also improves the behavior of your pets and stops aggressive traits and urine marking.

Limiting Exercise

Many pet owners are too lazy to get enough exercise to their pets. Your pets need to burn off calories, and exercise is important to keep the muscles and joints healthy. Pets that just eat and sleep are more likely to develop obesity and other health ailments. Make sure to take your pet out for a walk, conduct play sessions, and use toys to get them moving.

Overlooking Preventative Medicine

Careless pet owners often neglect the importance of taking their pets for heartworm, flea or tick prevention. Parasite infestation can lead to some serious illness and harm your pet’s skin and fur. Some of the parasites can also be transmitted to humans. It’s in yours and your pet’s best interest to keep your furry friend on a year-round preventative. Schedule your appointment with your Toronto veterinarian right away.

Mobile Vet Toronto is committed to guiding pet owners about what’s good and what’s bad for their pets. Our qualified and experienced vets strive to maintain the healthy lifestyle of your pets by providing medication and preventative guidance.

Feel free to contact our vets to discuss your pet’s health condition.

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