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Pet Euthanasia

Perhaps the hardest part of owning a pet is the short lifespan. The average age of pets is 10-12 years. In all likelihood, the dog/cat that you have cared so much, will die in some years. This is how nature intends. And in most cases, owners have to decide when to put their pet to rest to relieve them of an incurable disease and unbearable pain. All owners have to take the pet euthanasia decision at some point in time. Roundstone Mobile Vet Services helps you by providing the most compassionate pet euthanasia services in All GTA, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and waterloo region.

What Is Pet Euthanasia?

Pet Euthanasia is a painless and quick process performed by a veterinarian that puts your pet to final sleep. Sounds odd but this may be the final gift you give to your pet. The medication administered to the pets makes them depart within a minute without any pain. In the hands of the perfect veterinarian, euthanasia becomes the door to life with no pain or physical discomfort.

As pets have been your companion all their life, their last moments have to be in the very house they have guarded. Instead of some strange vet clinic, undertaking the procedure at home is far more humane. The process can be performed anywhere in the house in the presence of important family members. You can spend some last quality time with your pet and grieve right at home. Although, odd but this can be truly comforting to your pet.

How Pet Euthanasia Is Done

Once the decision to euthanize your pet has been made in consultation with family members, simply call us. Our veterinarian will analyze the situation and stand by your decision. In all probability, we will suggest the right time and place to accomplish this. We will make all the arrangements regarding the euthanasia process. This involves preparing the documents and the medication required in the process. All the vet related documents are prepared by us and presented in orderly manner.

We will answer all your questions regarding the euthanasia before and after the process. We will proceed only when you finally become comfortable with the process. Once you grant us the permission, we will administer the dose. A vet may also use a catheter or sedation in need arises.

Mobile Vet Cambridge: Pet Euthanasia With Compassion

Euthanasia can be very emotional on the part of pet owner. We understand that you may have to cry or display your emotions for your beloved pet. We will prepare the home for this situation and also guide you about the procedure. You may prefer to spend some last moments with your pet once it is put to sleep. We will give you all the time you need before we take along the body. Mobile Vet Cambridge provides home euthanasia services with true compassion for our beloved pets.

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