Parasite Prevention for Pets: Mobile Veterinary Toronto

April 8, 2015

Parasite Prevention for Pets: Mobile Veterinary Toronto

Parasite Prevention For Pets

Protecting your pet from parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworm is a crucial part of being a pet owner. Not only these parasites can be a big nuisance to your pet (and you), but they also can damage your pet’s health. The good news is that most common parasites can be prevented with a year-round preventive medication from your mobile veterinary Toronto services.
Do you realize the risk when it comes to fleas, ticks, and heartworm? If not, then read on to know more about these parasites, and why parasite prevention is so important to protecting your pet’s health.

Of all the parasites found in cats and dogs, heartworms are the most dangerous. These worms get transmitted with the bite of an infected mosquito, and start to grow inside the heart. Unfortunately, heartworms are always deadly to cats, and are risky and very costly to treat in dogs. Although there isn’t much you can do to limit your furry friend’s exposure to mosquitoes, you can give your pet a monthly medication to prevent the eggs from developing inside them.

If you have struggled with a flea infestation on your pet or in your home before, you understand how annoying the flea life cycle can be and how expensive the problem is to resolve. These fleas are responsible for causing allergic dermatitis, an itchy problem for both humans and pets, as well as some serious health risks, such as flea-related anemia and tapeworms.

Ticks may only seem like a problem in the warm weather months, but the truth is that they are a problem present in your yard year-round. Because the adult ticks are very tiny, you usually won’t notice them until they get swollen with blood. A monthly prevention for your pet from your mobile veterinary Toronto services is the best line of defense against these blood-sucking parasites.

Why Year-Round Prevention for Heartworms, Fleas, and Ticks is Important?

In Toronto, these fleas and ticks are always a threat. Even in the colder months, it only takes a little warmth to make these pests active and bring the threat back to life.

If your pet is not presently on a parasite preventative, or if there has been a gap since the last dose, please contact our mobile veterinary Toronto services for an appointment right away. Don’t let your furry friend fall prey to parasites and the deadly diseases they can cause.

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