Professional Home Visit Vet Services In Oakville, ON

Vet Services In Oakville

Our clinic, Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, is widely recognised among the locals for their mobile vet services in Oakville, Ontario. In Oakville alone, we perform more than 20 procedures for pet euthanasia at home. Our professionals have years of diagnostic experience for pets and our diagnostic equipments simply helps them deliver vet services at home in Oakville and surrounding areas.

Experienced Mobile Vets of Oakville

There are times when it is tough to get the pet to the clinic for a check-up. The physical conditions of the pet might not be fit for that kind of an excursion. However, it is necessary to make pet care services available to your pet for its better health. Therefore, in such a scenario, we make sure that the best veterinary services come at your doorstep.Our experienced vets can provide their extensive range of services at your home for your pet’s comfort. Some features of our mobile services in Oakville are:

  • Immediate consideration of your pet’s health
  • Myriad range of affordable veterinary services
  • Modern diagnostic tools and pet medications
  • Qualified and experienced vets

Pet Medications at Your Doorstep

A veterinarian has a large responsibility on his/her shoulders. They have to diagnose and treat the problem of their patient who is of a different species and cannot even converse with the patient. Hence, diagnosing the problem and then prescribing medications for it is much tougher than it looks like.

Apart from providing medications on-the-spot at our clinic, we, at Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, through our extensive network can make these pet medications available to you at your home as well. In case your pet requires medications for its critical condition, then we take the responsibility of making them available to you as soon as possible.

Our Mobile Vet Services in Oakville

We, at Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, provide the following mobile veterinary services. These services can be made available to your pet throughout the week i.e. all 7 days! These services are:

  • Wellness exams for better pet health
  • Parasitic treatment & control services
  • Pet euthanasia services at home
  • Diagnosis of ears, eyes & skin problems
  • Dispensing all sort of pet vaccinations
  • Microchip application in pets

We, at Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, have a wide range of specially designed veterinary services for the pets of Oakville. We make sure that your pet receives the best and most advanced veterinary services at your doorstep.

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