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House Call Vets GTA

At Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, our team comprises of experienced house call vets in GTA who have transformed their profession into passion. We provide our comprehensive veterinary services including pet euthanasia in GTA. Our house call veterinary services are hygienic, comfortable and well-organized hospitalized environment. Our calm and courteous workforce makes sure that your pet receives the professional heath care experience right at home.

What You Can Expect From Us?

If you experience our services once, we can assure you that you will know the passion we work with. Following are some pointers of our services which you can expect from us:

  • Modern surgical tools and equipments
  • Immediate attention towards pets
  • Wide range of home veterinary services
  • Local pet care clinic in GTA
  • Experienced and qualified veterinarians

A Little About Our Team

Our team is one of those factors which sets us apart. They are highly sought house call vets in GTA. Following are some points to help you gain an insight about our team.

  • Qualified and trained professionals in veterinary arena
  • Successfully handled many pet euthanasia in GTA
  • Experience with new diagnostic tools and equipments
  • Performed major and minor pet surgical procedures

Our Major Services

At our mobile vet clinic in GTA, we provide a wide array of cat and dog veterinary services. These services are designed to provide maximum relief in the least amount of time. These services include:

  • Major vaccinations avaialble in-house
  • Treatment of eyes, ears and skin problems
  • Parasite control services
  • Laboratory analysis of test results
  • Microchip application services
  • General wellness exams for cats and dogs

Pet Euthanasia in GTA

Pets often get diagnosed with serious and fatal diseases throughout their lifetime. Such diseases can be treated to only some extent and the ultimate result of getting affected by such an illness is a painful death for the pet. In such a situation, pet owner must understand the gravity of the situation and go for pet euthanasia.

Euthanizing your pet is basically a procedure of putting the pet to its final sleep in a humane manner. This way the pet is saved from suffering and pain which otherwise would have definitely resulted in its death over time. At Mobile Vet Toronto, our professionals have performed several procedures of pet euthanasia at home.

We, at Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, have ample experience in providing a wide range of affordable veterinary services to pets in GTA.

Call us anytime at (416) 317-9966 to get an appointment for your pet.