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Mobile Veterinary Services In Burlington

We, at Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, are popular amongst the locals for our wide range of home visit veterinary services in Burlington. According to a survey, at least 5 cats get euthanized at home in Burlington every month.

Euthanizing a pet at home demands special skill set apart from special medications. Our team has a extensive experience in treating all sorts of minor and major conditions in pets. Our home visit vets deliver good quality care whilst at the comfort of your home.

Professional Veterinary Team at Your Service

Our experienced and trained team is one of those many factors which make Roundstone Mobile Vet Services the most sought name when it comes to pet care services in Burlington. Following are some noteworthy points about our veterinary services.

  • Our vets have carried out both – major and minor surgeries on pets
  • Have euthanized and relieved several pets from their un-ending pain
  • Specially designed wellness exams for pets to test their overall ability
  • Dog and cat euthanasia Burlington services
  • Ample experience in prescribing pet medications for all sort of diseases

Mobile Veterinary Services in Burlington

Due to critical health conditions, it might be impossible for you or your pet to come visit us. In that case, our team can visit your home so as to provide ‘clinic like’ health facilities in the comfort of your home. Some great features of our mobile vets in Burlington are:

  • Immediate veterinary attention to your pet
  • Best providers of medical aid for critical situation
  • Highly trained, qualified & experienced vets
  • Home pet euthanasia services in Burlington, ON
  • High quality pet medications for all situations

Pet Euthanasia in Burlington

During their lifetime, pets run a risk of getting diagnosed with disorders and diseases that have no medical cure. The medications can help to keep the symptoms in control but they cannot really treat the condition. In such a case, so as to end the never ending pain of these pets, it is best to get them euthanized. We, at Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, can perform cat euthanasia in Burlington in the comfort of your home if that’s where you want to say a final goodbye to your furry friend.

Our Wide Range of Services

Our vet clinic in Burlington has all the means to provide the best veterinary services for pets. Our services promise a speedy recovery for your pet in almost no time. Given below are some of our most sought pet medical services in Burlington:

  • Cat & dog vaccinations
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Treatment of eyes, ears
  • Pet wellness check-ups
  • Microchip application
  • Parasite control services

We, at Roundstone Mobile Vet Services, have been ranked amongst the leading vet care providers for pets in Burlington.

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