Minor & Major Surgical Procedure

Minor & Major Surgical Procedure

At Mobile Vet Cambridge, we are proud to perform minor pet surgeries right at your doorstep in All GTA, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and waterloo region. Our vets and support staff will handle any health problems as well as normal surgical procedures.

Comprehensive Vet Surgeries

This allows us to serve the patients in the comfort of your home. Surgeries such as neutering/spaying are done on a regular basis in our referal hospitals and we provide pickup and dropoff services after procedure.

Minor surgeries can easily be performed right at your house by administering mild sedatives and following general vet protocols. For major surgical procedures that require dedicated medical facilities, we are associated with well equipped veterinary hospitals. Mobile Vet Cambridge provides pick up and off facility for your beloved pet.

Experienced Veterinary Staff

We have experienced vet staff that is adept at performing highly complex surgeries. This makes sure that your pet receives the best possible vet care. We employ approved mobile surgical practices along with reliable technological tools. Safety of your pet and pain management are paramount to our services. Our surgical procedures are designed keeping in mind the anatomical limitations of animal in question.

Mobile Surgical Processes

A complete pet analysis is done prior to undertaking the surgical procedure. Also, any previous health conditions are taken into account. All the detailed tests and reports are consulted as well. Recovery period is marked by regular visits and follow up checks. Post surgical concerns, such as pain management, anesthesia and post-operative care, are addressed immediately.

If the surgery is done in an associated hospital, we constantly review the pre and post operative medical procedures. Once the recovery is complete, your pet is dropped off at your home. If any complications arise after the surgery, we will immediately take relevant steps. We welcome any queries regarding pet surgeries.