How Physical Therapies Enhance Your Dog’s Recovery

March 25, 2015

How Physical Therapies Enhance Your Dog’s Recovery

It’s true that, pet is quite an impatient patient. At the age of seven, some dogs are accustomed to being in perpetual motion. The pet will happily play and run with their buddies and family for a couple of hours, even if they are healing from a leg injury. But, you can keep your dog’s recovery on track more quickly and smoothly by just focusing on physical therapies. These therapies can give your pooch the recovery boost he wants. So seek for a professional vet who knows how to accurately deal or coordinate with your dog’s physical therapy program by combining various effective techniques to enhance your dog’s quality of life. Read on to learn more about the therapy session that can help your pet heal as soon as possible.

Here are listed some different type of physical therapy techniques that can speed up your pooch’s healing.

  1. Massage therapy’s well-known benefits
    You may know that therapeutic massage can really knock down the anxiety and stress level. This might even boost recovering of injured tissues. So start planning regular massage therapy sessions for your pet that can help to decrease joint stiffness which can occur when your dog grows older. Nowadays, most of the veterinary practices and therapy centers offer therapeutic massage and some vet hospital also provide targeted deep tissue massage services that can support your dog in their recovery.
  2. Joint-friendly water therapy
    Dogs who are older or overweight, probably hesitant to undertake a land-based workout, as they do not want to put over stress on their recovering leg. So the best thing you can do for your buddy in this situation is water therapy. The pet will get a nice range of motion with the water supports. They enjoy their nice swim in a warm-water pool. This therapy helps your pet to improve the blood circulation and strengthen the muscles.

Even most of the therapy centers and vet hospitals have installed underwater treadmills that allow your pet to walk normally without giving stress to the bones, muscles, and joints. During the time of therapies, your pet’s therapist encouraging your loved one as he gains strength and stamina.

Return your pet to his active and normal life by using these innovative therapies, that are widely available throughout Toronto. These modalities can show the promising results. So, if your vet thinks physical therapy would help your pet to heal, ask to suggest an accessible therapy center or therapist for your lovable pooch’s strong, happy and healthy life.

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