Home Visit Veterinary Services In Cambridge & GTA

Home Visit

Roundstone Mobile Vet Services provide comprehensive veterinary services in All GTA, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and waterloo region areas that go beyond the usual services provided by normal veterinarians. There are a host of services that we provide to our client right at their homes. Pets can be treated and recover in the comfort of their homes. Here are the features of our home visit services:

Making The Appointment

Contact us directly on our numbers or leave a message so we can contact you back. During correspondence, we can schedule an appointment and fix a visit. Our timings are highly flexible. So, you can rest assured that you will most likely get an appointment.

Preparation Phase

Just gather all the reports that are related to the current health situation of your pet as possible. Grab all the old health records and reports as well. Decide a room in the house where check up can be done comfortably. The pet must be comfortable in the room. Do not choose bedroom as cats rend to hide beneath beds and create difficulty during examination. Collect some used towels to help the inspection.


When vet reaches home, he say greetings and introduce ourselves. Once he has checked all the documents related to your pet’s prior condition, he go ahead and check the pet. he may also check your pet’s resting area, eating place or play area.


He begin by checking all the body parts of your pet including mouth, ears and eyes. Detailed inspection may involve checking other parts such as lymph nodes, heartbeat, abdominal palpation and even rectal exam. Neurological testing can also be undertaken. The pet’s weight, fur quality and parasite check is also done to determine any further health issues.

Consultation Phase

Once the examination is over, He can move onto the consultation phase. Here, he will detail you about the problems and the medical solutions. All the costs related to the medical problem will also be detailed to you as well as the charges for any surgery. You have the chance to decline our pet medical services at this stage. We respect your decision if you don’t want to proceed with our services.

Diagnostic And Treatment Stage

Once approved, we go onto the testing and examination stage. Blood samples are taken for testing. Any other medication is also administered in this phase. Minor and major surgeries can be handled in this phase. In extreme cases, we may refer the pet to senior veterinarians in our associate network and providing our transportation services.

Roundstone Mobile Vet Services has a strategic approach to your home vet requests. We make sure that your pet’s health concerns are met with professional approach. You can rest assured that the safety of your pet is considered paramount during all our services.

Contact us to schedule a visit and experience the difference.