General Exam And Vaccinations

Pets, like humans, also need regular health checkups to identify and treat potential diseases. Your pet can benefit greatly from regular General Health Examinations or checkups. On-time detection of diseases can help start precautionary measures as well. Our mobile veterinary services can perform general exam and provide vaccinations right at your home.

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Complete Pet Examination Services

General Exam And VaccinationsWhether your pet is a youngster, a ‘senior citizen’, general examinations provide an excellent opportunity for us to conduct a thorough physical examination and develop a health profile for your pet. This information will help us identify medical problems and any other issues that can affect your pet’s health and quality of life.

At Mobile Vet Toronto, we undertake a complete analysis of your pet. Traces of diseases can be identified within hours. Once we develop a complete health profile of your pet with all the concerns included, we can suggest next step in pet medical care.

Here are some services included in our general pet examination:

  • Blood count – Platelets, Hgb, RBC, WBC, Hct, MCHV, MCV and more
  • Biochemistry Profile including ALT, liver Labumin, Bile Acids, Cholesterol and AST.
  • Urea, Potassium and Phosphorus levels
  • Pancreas – Lipase, Amylase and Glucose
  • Muscle and bone examination
  • Electrolytes testing – Sodium, Chloride and Potassium
  • Diabetes, pancreatic failure and inflammation of pancreas

We can collect blood and urine samples that help us do further tests. Some tests can only be done in well-established laboratories and not in mobile vans. For thyroid tests, Urinalysis and pH profile can only be done in large labs. We ensure you that you will be referred to a certified veterinarian hospital in Toronto for further medical care.


Vaccination is another area of expertise we provide in our home-call services. Our experts can administer the required vaccine at your home. We can also maintain and update yourpet’s entire lifetime vaccine chart in our database. This helps us give you an update on the pet vaccine. For example, when your dog needs ‘Parvo’ vaccine, we will intimate you on time.

Why Choose Pet General Exam from Mobile Vet Toronto

  • Enjoy peace of mind – Our certified vets are talented and reduce medical risks.
  • Detect hidden illness – General exams can reveal the hidden danger which can take years to wreak havoc on your pet. Hidden symptoms of a disease are easily identified in general examination check.
  • Reduce Risks – Pet examination done at home pose no risk to your pet. A safe home environment can be created in any room you want. Dosage can be administered immediately once tests and exam are complete.
  • Protect your pet’s future health – If you love you pet, a general exam will help you determine its true state of health. Such tests will be a milestone in settings health standards of your beloved pet.

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