5 Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Microchips

May 27, 2019

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Microchips


Are you the one whose most time goes in finding a lost pet? If yes, your pets may be the neighborhood explorer that often crosses the streets and go over the fences and thus, you are always asking ‘where are you.’

Now, the good news is your pet microchip can lower headache of lost, missing and stolen pets. Due to its amazing benefits, the microchip is getting widespread popularity. To know more, read the following commonly asked questions about the pet microchips.

  • What Is Microchip?
    Pet microchip acts like an additional layer of protection from the permanent separation. They are easy to use and does not require to change the pet’s collar and ID tags.
  • How Does It Work?
    It consists of radio frequencies and provides a special scanner following the identification number.
  • Is My Personal Information Safe?
    Yes, because pet microchip communicates through an ID number to a particular chip scanner. This number is plugged into a registration database, and hospitals and shelters carry its access. When the number from the chip is put into the database, it reveals your name, address and phone number.
  • What If I Relocated?
    Update the changes to your Pet’s chip with the manufacturer or provider. If you have any doubt about the information that is available in the database, then you can ask the provider to scan and enter the Pet’s ID into the registry for you.
  • Is It Painful When Connected To Pets?
    The chip is inserted below the outermost layer of the skin, and your dog may feel any sensation akin to a routine vaccination.

After reading the discussion mentioned above, if you are planning for pet microchip, contact us at Mobile Vet Toronto. We provide special microchip scanners to detect the chip inside your furry friend and read the registration number. We are available seven days a week, call us and book your appointment today.

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