Pet Health Care – Eye, Ear And Skin Problem In Cambridge & GTA

Eye/Ear Health Problems

Eye, Ear And Skin Problem

Both cats and dogs can suffer from a variety of eye/ear problems. These problems can make everyday life difficult for your pet. Dogs are more vulnerable to these health problems as compared to cats. Allergies can cause your pet’s ears and eyes to inflate or inflammation can occur. Yeast or bacterial infection can also occur in the ear canals of the pets. There are many signs that you can notice to confirm these diseases. For example, excessive scratching, shaking the head, liquid discharge from the eyes/ears, odor/smell from ears, or hair loss. All of these should signal that there is some health issue in the eyes or ears of your beloved pet. Consult our mobile veterinarians for all your pet health care problems in TAll GTA, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and waterloo region.

Skin Diseases

Perhaps, the most common health issue among pets is the skin diseases. The problems related to the skin are almost universal among both cats and dogs. Allergic dermatitis is the well known pet allergy that causes excessive itching, scratching and inflammation. Feline and canine skin allergies can get serious with hair loss fur loss, red skin, open wounds on skin due to excessive scratching.

If you pet is scrubbing against an object excessively, it may be the warning sign you need to call a veterinarian. Areas on your pet’s body where excessive itching or scratching is done are called hot spots. These are dangerous as they can spread the allergic dermatitis. Sometimes, serious allergies are also transferred to humans as well.

Specific Tests For Dogs And Cats

When your pet is suffering from excessive scratching or itching, there are many tests that can be performed to diagnose the problem. These include:

  • Skin Scrapings – Undertaken to reveal evidence of allergic mange mites
  • Skin Cytology – To confirm and bacterial or yeast infection in the skin
  • Fungal Culture Test – To diagnose any fungal infection
  • Skin Biopsy – To inspect traces of skin cancer or other skin diseases
  • Blood Test – To check for any other systemic health problem

Detailed investigation of your pet will reveal much more information about the extent of the health problem. A blood screen test determines the blood count as well as the complete chemistry profile. Both white blood cells and red blood cells are checked and count confirmed.

Levels of liver enzymes, lipid profile, protein levels and kidney function can also be checked. Furthermore, advance tests like Thyroid function test can also be done.

Pets can suffer from a number of health issues. It is best to get a scheduled checkup done once in a while. You can simply call Mobile Vet Cambridge and schedule an appointment. Our qualified vets will visit your pet and diagnose the health problem right within the comfort of your home.