Euthanize Dog – The Different Situations Where You Might Need To Do It

July 16, 2013

Euthanize Dog – The Different Situations Where You Might Need To Do It

Euthanasia is often looked upon as a cruel thing. However, in certain situations, euthanizing dogs is more noble and humane than letting them live. Usually, euthanizing dogs is considered only as the last option. Prior to considering dog euthanasia Toronto, all efforts are made to save the dog and giving it a fresh lease of life. In some circumstances, however, saving the dog becomes impossible.


Illnesses such as cancers and tumors that cannot be cured are some of the most common and valid reasons for euthanasia. In advanced cases, treatments do not work and the cancer does not die. In such circumstances, euthanizing dogs is considered to be the best thing to do. Rabies is another illness in which dogs are euthanized. The disease is contagious and can pose a risk to the entire society. For the greater good of the society, it is best to euthanize dogs with rabies.

Lack of affordability and homes

Owners who have very sick pets and cannot afford treatments might choose to get the animals euthanized. Before euthanizing, different options such as handing over the dog to a home for pets is considered. However, most of the pet homes are crowded and do not have the facility to care for all the animals that are brought to their facility. So, the only option available is to euthanize dogs that do not have any hope for survival so that the ones that can be treated and cured can survive.

Old age and injury

Like humans, animals begin to lose their physical, sensory and mental faculties as they grow older. Their situation becomes rather pathetic because they become dependent on others for their survival. Injury is another reason that leads to dependence. The quality of life of these animals drops drastically. When animals undergo such adverse situations, they tend to become depressed and develop psychological problems. Euthanasia is a kind of favor that vets do on these animals in order to relieve them from the trauma.

Whatever be the reason for euthanasia, the procedure should always be carried out by a certified veterinary doctor. It is against humanity to euthanize dogs in a cruel manner.

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