4 Symptoms To Watch For Detecting Cancer in Dogs

April 22, 2017

4 Symptoms To Watch For Detecting Cancer in Dogs

4 Symptoms To Watch For Detecting Cancer in Dogs

Alike humans, pets do suffer from various diseases and health ailment. To your surprise, much of the diseases suffered by dogs are similar to men. The pace with which cancer is growing in human population, it is also targeting animals, especially cats and dogs. As a responsible pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pet away from such serious and life threatening disease. Since a dog can’t communicate like humans, keep a constant check on the ill health symptoms he exhibits to detect cancer at an early stage.

Some of the common symptoms of cancer in dogs are:

  1. Presence of lumps or swellings in the skin that appear all of a sudden are one of the common and easy ways to detect cancer. Not all lumps are cancerous in nature, but if ignored, they can soon turn up to be life threatening. If your dog is having any such lump on his body like in ears, stomach, tail etc. take him to veterinary hospital without wasting a single second.
  2. If your pet is having an open wound or skin related problem that doesn’t go away, then it might be a sure sign for a skin cancer. This cancer is usually genetic or arise due to allergies and exposure of harmful UV rays. Avoid leaving your dog out in direct sunlight to prevent the risk of skin cancer in pets.
  3. Prostrate cancer is usually diagnosed in older dogs and is visually hard to visualize. There are no physical symptoms of this ill health, but one can recognize it by noticing the dog urine and faces. If there is blood in urine and stools, your pet may have fall victim to prostrate cancer.
  4. Stomach, liver and kidney cancer is common in all dog breed, no matter, they feed on a healthy diet or not. To visualize this condition, keep a watch on the eating behavior of your dog. If it has suddenly stopped eating and started drinking a lot of water, take him to a veteran. You can also look for symptoms like rapid weight loss along with chronic diarrhea.

These are some of the common symptoms to look for while detecting cancer in dogs. A good way of prevent pet cancer is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. If your dog is currently ill and not eating anything, take him to a mobile veteran in Toronto as soon as possible.

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