Check Out These Pregnancy Signs For Your Female Pet!

May 17, 2016

Check Out These Pregnancy Signs For Your Female Pet!

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Your pet is a part of your family, whom you love and adore so much. It is not just the love but proper care, what is needed to make sure your pet lives a healthy and happy life.When it comes to your female pet getting pregnant, the care and responsibility from your side increases even more. Since, your female pet cannot express herself, you have to find out about her pregnancy on your own.

Your pet will start behaving in a different way and if you notice any of the following signs, it will prove the pregnancy of your pet.

Signs That Your Female Pet Is Pregnant:-

    1. Appetite

      It is very natural for a pregnant dog to have appetite changes. In most of the cases, your female pet will have a decreased appetite in the first three weeks of pregnancy. Some of the dogs might just refuse to eat at all. This is not good for her health and one should make her eat as she requires energy during this period.

Decreased Activity

It is very common to see dogs playing, jumping and running around the house. When your dog would become pregnant, you will notice a sudden decrease in her activity and energy levels. Since the dog is pregnant, it will tend to feel exhausted during most part of the day.


With the days passing by, your pregnant dog will start to have a bigger abdomen. Since the puppies would be growing inside, it is a normal thing for any female pet. Your pet is likely to gain more weight within the first month of pregnancy.


When your dog is pregnant, you will see that her nipples have grown than before. This is because the dog is preparing for the production of milk, for her going to be puppies. Apart from the growth, there will be a change in color too. The nipples will start getting more pink in color than before.

Vaginal Discharge

If you notice any increased vaginal discharge of your female pet, chances are that your dog is pregnant. This is mostly seen around four weeks into their pregnancy. Also, if you notice increased bleeding during her pregnancy time, take her to the vet immediately.

Behavioral Changes

When a dog is pregnant, it will start behaving in a different way in the early weeks of pregnancy. There might be mood changes, where your dog does everything in a different way, depending on her mood. Also, they can become quite, more or less affectionate during pregnancy.

Have a Veterinary Visit!

The above signs are an indication for a dog’s pregnancy but one cannot completely hold them right for a pregnancy. You should take your dog to a veterinary to make sure she is pregnant. Our team has a wide experience in pet care services and we would guide you completely in the pregnancy of your lovely pet. Call us today for an appointment!

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