Bathing Your Cat? Here Are The Do’s and Don’ts

October 1, 2015

Bathing Your Cat? Here Are The Do’s and Don’ts

Bathing Your Cat? Here Are The Do’s and Don’ts

Is it right to bathe a cat? How to bathe a cat? My cat is afraid of water. What to do? These are a few questions that are encountered by a vet in Toronto. Pet owners are often confused about whether or not should they bathe a cat. Some owners believe that there is no need to bathe cats as they can keep themselves clean. But, in reality a real bath is necessary for cats. Bathing is all about personal hygiene. You need to bathe your cat to keep it clean and prevent disease. So, now when you are ready to bathe your cat, our house call vets Toronto have suggested some dos and don’ts of bathing your feline friend.

It is good to start early.

It is good to teach your kitten how important bathing is. For that you need to start early when she’s a kitten. This will make the things much easier down the line. Even if you think that your fluffy friend is capable of grooming herself, occasional baths are still necessary. This will help, if your kitty gets involved in a fight with a skunk or mess up her fur with dirt or something, you will be able to clean her without much effort.

Make sure you prepare in advance.

Bathing will be a new experience for your kitty. So you need to prepare her for that. Brush her fur to detangle or remove the dead hair, and also clip her claws. The kitten might scratch the bottom of the bathtub so it is ideal to put a rubber mat down. Also, keep a pitcher ready for rinsing and soft towels to dry your feline friend after her bathe.

Your cat might be afraid, so be polite and nice to her.

Cats are afraid of water and no one knows the exact reason behind the fear. Maybe they are afraid of the dangerous animals that live in rivers and lakes. Also, wet cats emit a distinct smell that can attract other animals. Whatever the reason might be but, the fact is cats fear the water and its natural. So, you need to understand this thing and act accordingly. Never punish her as it will only worse the things. Give her some time to adjust and understand what’s happening.

Human shampoo is not good for cats.

Human shampoos should not be used to bathe a cat. These are made up of harsh chemicals that might damage the fur of your kitty. It is advised to use a shampoo made for cats.

Avoid overbathing

You are bathing your furry ball to keep her clean, but remember not to overbathe her. Too much bathing can strip the shine of the fur leaving it dull and frizzy.

If you have any questions about bathing and caring for your cat. You can contact Mobile Vet Toronto. Ask our vets about the best products and the right methods to bathe your cat.

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