7 Less Known Ways To Keep a Dog Recovering From a Surgery Busy

June 6, 2014

7 Less Known Ways To Keep a Dog Recovering From a Surgery Busy

You realize that your dog is suffering from a problem, you go to the vet, and they explain you that your dog needs a surgery. You can’t really do much till the surgery, however, once the surgery is done, the recovery phase starts. This is perhaps the most important time for both – you and your dog. Keeping the dog quiet and busy for 8-12 weeks should be your main concern, otherwise your dog won’t be able to recover fully.

 Pet owners often find it difficult to keep their dogs busy while they recover from an accident, surgery or an illness. One thing that they must remember is that in such a situation, mental stimulation is the key to success. Keeping your dog’s mind busy while it recovers from the surgery can do a lot of good.

 So, given below are a few pointers that help to keep your dog occupied while it recovers from the surgery:

  1. Replace your dog’s food bowl with certain food release products. These products actually dispense kibble and soft foods like yogurt or pumpkin or canned dog food thus turning a five-second feeding event into some sort of playing activity. If your dog is new to such products, make sure you introduce it to them so that it knows how to use them.
  2. If your vet approves, give your dog a raw bone. They can be bought at any dog boutique store and will help to keep it busy for long. Since they are a bit messy, therefore it is best to give them in a crate or X-pen.
  3. Try to teach your dog some new game every now and then. Go online, and you’ll find hundreds of new things to do with a recovering dog that only involve eyes, snout or maybe a single paw. These games have been tested and perfected for dogs that wear e-collars or have limited mobility.
  4. In case your dog is restricted to its crate, try to place some fresh things around its environment so that it can look at them. Staring at the same old walls will bore him quickly. Also if possible, place the crate in a new position to achieve that purpose.
  5. Make use of the dog’s sense of smell. Being exposed to scents can be quite enriching for dogs. Place a single drop of lavender, vanilla or lemon extract at least ten feet away in the same room as the crate. A dog’s smelling sensation is much more superior than ours an therefore a single drop will definitely do the trick.
  6. Give your canine a massage or help him do some touch exercises. They not only enhance blood circulation but will also relax the mind and body of your dog. In case your dog is a bit depressed after the surgery, purposeful touch can be of considerable help.
  7. Rotate your dog’s toys in order to keep him interested in them. Purchasing some new toys as well of different textures and shapes. Introduce the new ones to your dog only one at a time. Introduce the next one after two days so as to keep the interest high.

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