5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Pooch’s Birthday

December 17, 2015

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Pooch’s Birthday

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Pooch's Birthday

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Many pet owners love to mark the day of their furry friend’s birthday with special treats or even gifts. After all, your pooch is one of the important members of the family. You may not know the actual date when your pooch came in this world, but you would surely have a record of the day when he came into your home. Doggy treats and toys are always an ideal present you can give to your pal on his birthday. Here, our mobile vet Toronto will discuss some fun way to celebrate the special day of your furry friend.

Homemade Treats

Every dog loves treats. Why not make this special day more special by making some yummy snacks. There are various recipes available online that you can prepare for your dog. Birthday cakes, pupcakes and special doggy snacks can be customized as per the taste of your furry pal.


It would be great if you take pictures of your pup each year on his birthday. You can also think of creating a special album. It’s a great way to celebrate the journey of your pooch’s life.


If you have room in the yard, provide your dog with a comfortable doggy home. This home can be used when your dog wants to play outside the home. A word of advice: We won’t suggest pet owners to keep their dogs outdoors permanently as they would be much happier inside with the family.

Special Outings

Why not take your furry friend to a doggy cafe. These days, there are various dog-friendly bistros and cafes popping up. Such places also serve yummy treats that your pooch with simply love. Another great option is to take your pet on a one day trip or take him to a dog beach or park for some fun.

Puppy Party

Invite some of your friends who love animals or have pets over for barbeque. Let everyone play with your furry friend, giving him treat, ear scratches and belly rubs. This will be a great get together for you and your pet as well.

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