5 Common Dog Health Problems that are Influenced by Nutrition

January 20, 2015

5 Common Dog Health Problems that are Influenced by Nutrition

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Being a pet owner, it is solely your responsibility to protect your dog from a wide range of diseases and conditions. A high quality diet, regular exercise and periodic veterinary visits are some factors that keep your dogs healthy and active. When it comes to choosing and feeding a food item, you need to be extra cautious as you definitely don’t want your furry friend to fall sick. There are some health problems found in dogs that are directly affected by their diet. A well-balanced diet is fundamental to your dog’s health, everyone knows it. But, do you know why it is necessary. Have a look at the below points to know more.


Obesity is a worldwide epidemic for the dogs. Obese dogs are more vulnerable to arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer. It is strongly recommended to keep-an-eye on the calories your dogs are taking on regular basis. Maintain the fat levels of your dog’s food to trim down an obese dog. Though, calories and fats are essential body nutrients, but remember excess of anything is bad. Ask your vets about specially formulated diet that have all the necessary fats but in limit.


Pancreatitis is a situation that occurs when the pancreas starts releasing the digestive enzymes into the abdominal area. In such condition, the digestive enzymes begin breaking down the fats in other body organs including the pancreas. According to our mobile veterinary Toronto vets, in dogs, the dietary fat leads to the development of pancreatitis. Consult our veterinarians to check the current dietary fat intake of your dogs. If your dog is suffering from pancreatitis, provide food that are low in fat and could be digested easily.

Bladder Stones

Bladder stones are composed of different body minerals and substances. Over the time, they grow in number and size leading to numerous health issues including discolored urine, urination straining etc. If your dog is suffering from bladder stones, consult a reliable veterinarian. They will identify the stone type and prescribe the diet accordingly. In this condition, pets require special diet that can deter the development of bladder stones.

Heart Disease

Proper diet is crucial to avoid the heart diseases in dogs. Increased sodium or salt intake substantially increase the chances of heart diseases in dogs. Talk to our veterinarians about how to control the salt intake and protect your dogs from cardiac attacks.


Dogs frequently suffer from diarrhea. There are two types of diarrhea: small bowel and large bowel diarrhea. In small bowel diarrhea dogs produce large amount of soft stool, whereas in large bowel diarrhea dogs generally strain in producing the stool. During such situation, you need to be extra careful about your pet’s diet.

Discuss our veterinarians about calcium, phosphorus, fat and other dietary nutrients programs that play a vital in maintaining the health condition of your dogs.

Our experienced veterinarians at Mobile Vet Toronto provide a comprehensive range of pet health care services in Toronto. They will recommend the dietary plans after analyzing the lifestyle and physical condition of your dogs.

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